Amazon Troubles in the United Kingdom


Amazon has come under criticism from British television. This has led to the American online retail giant to review its website. According to the British television, the Amazon algorithms were promoting the sale of ingredients that can be used to make a bomb. To make it worse, the algorithm allowed these ingredients to be bought together. This makes the news timely in the United Kingdom where police are currently working day and night to solve a terrorist attack. The attack took place in the Underground subway system in London. The bomb was detonated as people rushed in the morning and police have said that it was a crude explosive. The explosive had been placed in a plastic bag that was then hidden in a bucket. This is another criticism that is directed to a technology company following the failure of its algorithm. In the past, Facebook and Google have received their fair share of criticism after their algorithms allowed people to insert hate speech and racist sentiments. This, on the other hand, has led to calls from all over the world for these companies to show some responsibility in such issues. According to Channel 4 News, Amazon algorithm generated prompts for Amazons users known as “Frequently bought together”. This happened to unsuspicious users who were going about with their businesses.

However, these products reported by Channel 4 News are not illegal in the United Kingdom if bought alone. In the past, people who have bought components and chemicals that can be used to make explosives have been successfully prosecuted. However, Amazon later released a statement saying that they only sell products that adhere to their selling guidelines. At the same time, Amazon insisted that they sell products that obey laws that have been passed in the United Kingdom. Following the latest criticism, Amazon said that they would review their website to ensure that products appear in an appropriate manner. The company also said that they were working closely with the police. Amazon promised to assist the law enforcement officers where necessary. The company could not offer further information concerning the issue. There are concerns that similar algorithms may be at work in the US. To understand how this is happening, the Times decided to search for a product called magnesium ribbon. This is a product that can be used to make a crude fuse. During the search, there were suggestions for other materials such as powders that explode when they come into contact in right proportions.


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