Aloha Construction Has a New Member of the Family: Aloha Restoration Co.


Dave Farbaky, Founder, and CEO of Aloha Construction is happy to announce the addition of a new member to the Aloha family: Aloha Restoration Co.


Aloha Construction was started almost ten years ago in Lake Zurich, Illinois, and focuses on outdoor home repairs like roofing, siding, and gutters. Now, Aloha Restoration Co. is here to take care of the rest. The company’s values include “service, security, and safety” and they take these values into the homes of their clients every day.


Aloha Restoration Co. will take your home “from ruined to restored” in no time. They have expertise in issues like fire, water, mold and smoke restoration, carpet cleaning, and home remodeling. So, what can Aloha Restoration Co. do for you?


Fire, Water, Mold and Smoke Restoration

Fire, water, mold and smoke restoration are some of the most important aspects of Aloha Restoration’s business, and for good reason. These four services are the driving factors behind why Aloha Construction got into the restoration business at all.


Fire Damage

In 2015, there were over 1,000 house fires a day on average in the United States. No matter how much care and precautions are taken, this disaster can happen to anyone. When it comes to restoring fire damage, Aloha Reconstruction Co. ensures a quick and easy return to normalcy. They begin by securing your home after a fire to prevent any more damage. Then, they check your home thoroughly for smoke, water, and structural damage. After an assessment, they tackle any cleanup your home may need, including fire soot, sanitizing, roof repair, window replacement and more. With Aloha Construction and Aloha Restoration Co. working side by side with your fire department and insurance group, you can rest assured that everything is handled and under control.


Water Damage

Flooding is a serious issue, even in the Midwest. Did you know four Illinois counties were declared disaster areas this summer after widespread flooding? Aloha Restoration Co. is here to help her neighbors in need with water mitigation services. If you have water damage, their goal is to ensure your home is dry again is 48-hours. Aloha Reconstruction Co’s water mitigation services remove water damage after floods or leaks. They do so by turning off your power, moving your furniture, and drying out the affected area before starting damage control. Water damage worsens the longer it takes to remove, and can even lead to dangerous mold growth, so it’s important to get your home dry again as soon as possible. Keep your family and home safe by calling Aloha Restoration Co as soon as you spot any water in your home!


Mold Removal

Mold removal is one of our most important jobs here at Aloha Restoration Co. The U.S. EPA estimates that one-third to one-half of all structures contain dampness that can lead to mold growth and the spread of infectious diseases. Mold can also lead to the development of allergies and asthma. Avoid this by getting your home checked and mold removed by Aloha Restoration Co. Simply put, they know how to remove mold. They hold multiple certifications and licenses in cleaning and restoration, ensuring that you are dealing only with the best when it comes to protecting your family with mold removal.


Smoke Restoration

Smoke restoration is an important part of fire cleanup. Outside of leaving stains and foul odors, smoke damage can also be dangerous for your health. Smoke cleaning can be time-consuming and the cleaners are harsh, so this is one aspect of home repair that is better left to the professionals. In the case of fire damage, Aloha Restoration Co. tackles the cleanup from start to finish, so you can focus on your family and getting your life back on track.


Carpet Cleaning

No matter what your carpet may look like, Aloha Restoration Co has the fix for you. They offer full carpet services, meaning they can remove and replace carpet, install it, dry it, steam it or clean it. High trafficked areas are their expertise, and they take pride in removing any and all dirt and debris from the carpet, no matter how deep-rooted it may seem. If you’re ready for your home’s carpets to look like new again, or finally ready to remove and replace them, Aloha Restoration Co. is the only call you need to make.


Home Remodeling

Are you ready for a kitchen upgrade? Do you need your bathroom remodeled? Is it finally time to finish your basement? Whatever it is, Aloha Restoration Co. can complete it. They even offer free in-home assessments so they can work together with you from the very start to make your vision for your home come to life. Whether you’re looking for a renovation or a remodel, Aloha Restoration Co. is on call 24 hours a day to help you turn your house into your dream home.




No matter what your home is going through, Aloha Construction and their new partner Aloha Restoration Co. can take care of it all. From outdoor roofing and siding repair to the new indoor restoration and remodeling services, the Aloha Construction family is here to help with honest, high-quality work. They are open 24 hours and offer free home inspections. In the wake of a storm, a disaster, or anything in between, make sure Aloha Construction and Aloha Restoration Co. are your first call for full-service home repairs, both inside and out.



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