What the Alabama Loss Means for the Republican


The bitterly contested Alabama Senate election was conducted on Tuesday, and Doug Jones triumphed over Roy S. Moore. Not many had imagined that Mr. Moore would lose. The loss opened up divisions in the in the Republican Party between the populist and the establishment wing. As much as accusations counter accusations of child molestation and sexual assault on teenagers rendered Mr. Moore’s candidature weak, the Republicans had not forgotten that Democrats had flocked in the polling stations in areas such as Virginia, rejecting the Republican candidates. Alabama is one of the states that overwhelmingly voted for President Donald Trump in the elections that were held last year. With the recently concluded Senate elections, the Republic ought to learn that the Alabamians are not only getting dissatisfied with Mr. Trump but the Democrats are quickly gaining popularity in this area.

Charlie Dent, a Republican representative of Pennsylvania, says that the side that often prevails is the one that exhibits more energy and enthusiasm. This was the case in Alabama. He noted that for the Democrats to prevail, they did not necessarily have to stand for anything, all they needed is to be against the Republicans. As of now, the Republicans are readying themselves for a special election in western Pennsylvania that is anticipated to be as difficult. Mr. Dent, the current Senate, said that he would not be seeking reelection come March. He said that he intends to become a television analyst. In the recent days, women have been pointing fingers against lawmakers who have allegedly harassed them sexually. With these accusations, more individuals are likely to resign and force the Republicans to spend more money in some races than they had initially planned.

Individuals who supported Mr. Moore such as the Stephen K. Bannon were faced with criticism. Some Republican lawmakers ridiculed him for supporting a candidate who could lose and convincing the president to support him. Richard Shelby of Alabama said that those that backed Mr. Moore do not represent the face of the Republican Party that he knows. Republicans had the majority seat but are now reduced to one. From the year 2010, the Republican Party has lost at least five positions for issues that were outside politics. The Democrats, on the other hand, have made attempts to recruit candidates that are credible. Republicans are already worried about states such as Tennessee which is likely to be competitive in the general election.


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