Aiming To Prevent School Shootings Through Community Monitoring


In 1996, both Australia and the United Kingdom suffered one mass shooting, each. Australia enacted the National Firearms Agreement, which only allowed people with legitimate uses for semi- and fully-automatic weapons – those outside of personal protection – as well as a buyback program for firearms. Australia hasn’t suffered any mass shootings since.

The United Kingdom banned handguns, weapons with pump actions, and semi-automatic firearms. It also bought back guns from its citizens. Since, the country has only experienced one mass shooting.

Both countries have experienced gradual, substantial decreases in violence involving firearms.

What Will The United States Do?

Although the above two case studies suggest both countries’ treatment of the legality of gun ownership was highly successful, enacting such bodies of legislature can’t definitively be traced to such drastic decreases in gun violence and mass shootings, alike.

Many media sources have reported 18 school shootings having happened in 2018 alone. In reality, only three of them were mass shootings – still, that’s way too many.

The United States doesn’t seem close to enacting any new legislature related to firearm ownership. Without any action from U.S. government officials, it’s difficult to reasonably predict a change in violence involving firearms and gun weaponry in the United States anytime soon.

One Thing Has Changed, Or So It Seemed

Note: identifying mass shooters is a bad idea. Some people commit mass murders because they enjoy making news headlines. Spreading information regarding the identity of mass shooters is never something anyone should do.

The young male accused – he also admitted to the 17-casualty shooting – of taking the lives of 17 Floridian high school students posted disturbing content on social media, including pictures of guns, himself posing with firearms, and other content considered to be anti-social.

Classmates claimed he bragged about animals he killed outside of school, even though he didn’t harvest any meat from them, or defend himself in slaying such organisms.

With so many red flags, why not engage in preventative measures?

A teenager in Vermont was arrested on Friday, February 16th, for posting an image on social media with a caption of “Round 2 of Florida tomorrow.” That Vermont native also kept a journal titled “Diary of an Active Shooter.” He was apprehended by the state’s police force.

Other teenagers have been charged with making similar threats online.

Ever seen Jason Bourne movies? Preventative crime might not be the best idea. Perhaps new legislation is.


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