Addressing the Opioid Crisis in America


When Amber Hamilton learned that her congressman had passed a law that makes it easy to access opioids, she had some scathing words for him. Her congressman is Representative Tom Marino. The 37-year-old lady asked whether the congressman cared about his constituents. Ms. Hamilton says that she hails from a small city in Pennsylvania known as Williamsport. While the city is considered as the birthplace of Little League baseball, the city is now fighting to do away with the opioids black-market. As for Ms. Hamilton, she says that the issue is personal and stark for her. She is currently a recovering addict and a mother of two. She further says that she started using the drugs 10 years ago following surgery. When she couldn’t access the painkillers, she says that she turned to heroin. While leaving a clinic in the city, she said that she didn’t want her kids to live the kind of life she has struggled with. She further said that she also wants a politician who makes the situation in the area better, not one who will worsen the situation like the current one. After reports emerged that Mr. Marino had received $100,000 from a pharmaceutical company that deals with these painkillers, the Republican was forced to withdraw as a drug czar nominee for Donald Trump.

The president said that he would look into the issue when he was confronted by journalists. Two months ago, Donald Trump declared that he would declare the opioid crisis in America as a national emergency. However, he has received criticism from all fronts for failing to live up to the promise. As a result, he made an announcement on Monday saying that he would make a major announcement in regards to the subject next week. A Democrat who is also a retired shipping clerk known as Robert Gibbs says that the Republican was caught in the cooking jar. The residents of the city say that the opioid crisis in the area is serious. For instance, a local hospital in the area had to treat 51 cases of overdoses in less than two days in June. Business people in the city say that they lock their restrooms to ensure that people don’t die in them. A state senator known as Gene Yaw referred to the drug problem as a non-partisan problem. At the same time, she said that the problem had been caused by pharmaceutical companies.


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