President Trump recently responded to claims by Mitch McConnel that he has excessive expectations. McConnel is the Senate Majority Leader and a senior Republican Senator from Kentucky. McConnel had earlier said that the president had excessive expectations when referring to the pace of the progress in Congress. The president wrote on Twitter saying that he does not have excessive expectations. The president is on a working vacation while the Congress is on August recess. The president questioned McConnel why he could not repeal and replace the Obamacare despite being around it for over seven years. The exchange of words comes after a disappointing campaign in which the Republicans have nothing to show. The president has also shown that he cannot hesitate to point fingers where he feels that someone should take some responsibility.

A source close to the president said that he had called Senator McConnel to tell him that he was disappointed by what he had said. Trump said that he had not given up on repealing the Obamacare and expressed his desire to have the Senate Majority Leader support him on this agenda. When asked about the issue, the office of the Kentucky Senator refused to address the issue or any related question. In the past few days, Mitch McConnel has received a lot of criticism from many conservative corners pressuring him that he should have garnered the 51 votes needed to pass the bill. However, the comments by the president to McConnel may bring extra tensions to an already strained relationship.

On his part, the majority leader has expressed his desire to push forward on the repeal. He has spoken about the desire to find a solution on numerous forums. He has spoken on the Senate floor, while in Kentucky and he has also addressed the issue to the media. His spokeswoman said that if the senator has something to say, he will let the media know.

McConnel defended himself and the senate during a gathering in Kentucky and said that they had done everything that was in their power. He mentioned that the president might be setting unrealistic deadlines because he had never handled such incidences. Mitch McConnel has remained a loyal servant of the president, but this hasn’t prevented the two from colliding on several occasions. The president was criticized by some experts who say that attacking a majority leader is completely wrongheaded as well as incomprehensible. Nothing positive can result from such attacks.


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